Sleep Sauce

Sleep Sauce

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Sleep Sauce is a gentle (but effective!) way to lull your loved ones to sleep. 

This is a kid-friendly (and safe!) formula- we formulate our kid-friendly tincture line with alcohol and glycerin, rather than alcohol and water. This makes the formula last longer in the system as well as tasting sweet, which is what is all the rage with kids these days. We still use the alcohol in our kid tinctures. Why? Because glycerin alone does not get out all the medicine of the plant! Think of a glycerin extract as a well preserved tea. Tinctures are stronger and you need less. And they are portable!

Sleep Sauce is a remedy that comes in 1 oz. amber dropper bottles, about 30 doses.

Ingredients (locally sourced whenever possible): Alcohol (GF), Kosher Vegetable Glycerin*, Catnip*, Chamomile*, Lemon Balm* (*organic)

How to Use:
Start with 30 drops (a half dropper, which is easy to obtain by squeezing the bulb). Some people may need to double this, others will not based on body mass, metabolism, and other factors.