Smooth Sailing

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This formula, formerly called Stressless, is for anxious and/or depressed people. It does not contain St. John's Wort (as many cannot take that and some pharmaceuticals simultaneously). Because it is a balancer (and not a booster or suppressor), both sides of the mood coin (and people that get both) can take this supplement. 

Taking herbs to stay well (rather than only taking things when you are ill) is called tonic herbalism. Read more about tonic herbalism, and this and other Haven tonics here.

This tincture comes in a 4 oz. dropper bottle, about 120 doses.

Ingredients (Locally Sourced Whenever Possible): Gluten Free Alcohol, Water, Reishi*, Shiitake*, Maitake*, Oyster Mushroom*, Astragalus*, Tulsi*, Eleuthero*, & Purslane* (*organic) 

How to Use:
Start with 30 drops (a half dropper, which is easy to obtain by squeezing the bulb). Some people may need to double this, others will not based on body mass, metabolism, and other factors. Take this regularly first thing in the morning and in the early evening. You may want to add a mid-day dose if it tapers off at that time for you.