Swish and Spit

Swish and Spit

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This powerful swish-and-spit formula disinfects, cleans in hard-to-reach places, assists folks with gum disease, and can even facilitate the regrowth of gum tissue. This formula is loved by holistic dentists and doctors in the Columbus area!

(Many people are surprised when we talk about Myrrh regrowing gums. Many people, even dentists, do not know that it is actually possible. David Hoffman, the well known medical herbalist, recommends Myrrh for this very purpose. Here at Haven, we put it in Swish and Spit and also in Fancy Fangs (our toothpaste). )

If you are using this rinse for an active issue, we suggest using at least twice daily until the bottle is gone (and picking up some of our Gum Treat). If you are using this as maintenance, using the rinse several times a week will suffice. This is sold as a CONCENTRATE. You must dilute with an equal amount of water before swishing.

Swish and Spit comes in a 12 ounce bottle (which makes 24 ounces).
If your body care products are packaged in plastic, you are adding to the toxic exposures in your life. Choose Haven's body care line- as we package in glass, cardboard, and metal. No plastic is better for the environment and better for you!

(Real) Ingredients: 
Apple Cider Vinegar*, Grape Brandy, Essential Oils of Tea Tree*, Myrrh*, and Mint* (*indicates organic)

How to Use: We sell our rinse as a concentrate- meaning that one bottle makes twice as much rinse as packaged. Shake well to combine the two separated liquids before pouring out a small amount (say, a tablespoon). Add an equal amount of water to the cup and use this to swish.

Keep in the mouth for as long as possible (then spit, don't swallow) until your liquid is gone. 

This product stimulates the salivary glands, so you may feel the need to spit a few times more after being done. If your gums were bleeding at all, you will see small bits of coagulated blood in the sink when you spit. These will lessen over time with regular use.