Body Powders

Body Powders

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These two body powders are talc free (as you would expect from a body care company that cares for your health!)

The anti-fungal powder kills yeast and fungus in dark places where skin touches skin and sweat creates an environment for critter growth (in shoes, bras, etc.).
The baby/body powder is completely unscented and free of essential oils for delicate skin. Baby/Body Powder is gentle enough for infants, or use on adults who wish to be babied!

Both powders come in 3 ounce recyclable cardboard tubes with a shaker top.

If your body care products are packaged in plastic, you are adding to the toxic exposures in your life. Choose Haven's body care line- as we package in glass, cardboard, and metal. No plastic is better for the environment and better for you!

Ingredients are locally sourced whenever possible:

Ingredients (Baby/Body): Corn*, Tapioca*, and Potato* starch, Kaolin  and Bentonite Clays (*indicates organic)

Ingredients (Anti-Funk): Corn*, Tapioca*, and Potato* starch, Kaolin and Bentonite Clays, Essential Oil of Tea Tree* (*indicates organic)

How to Use:
These are safe topical formulations that reduce friction and chafing. Apply to areas in need of such a treatment. Baby/Body is gentle and safe for even infants, and anti-funk is fantastic for feet or shoes or anywhere that skin meets skin and causes irritation and yeast/fungal growth.