Bug Off!

Bug Off!

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Many insect repellents are not safe for anyone, especially children. DEET is especially problematic, and not even as potent in studies as Lemon Eucalyptus, which is safe for children! Instead of using a product that can harm, try Bug Off! 

We have a devoted following and great word-of-mouth every season, because this product is safe, pleasant smelling, and effective against mosquitoes, ticks, and chiggers!

Ingredients (locally sourced whenever possible):
 Water infused with Eucalyptus*, Neem*, Lemon Balm*, Lemon Verbena*, Extra Virgin Olive Oil*, EOs of Lemon Eucalyptus*, Tea Tree*, Lemongrass*, Rose Geranium*, Cedarwood*, Spearmint*. (*organic)

How to Use:
This spray can be used on skin, dog fur, and clothing. It's smell masks the smell of your blood and deters parasitic insects. Use every two hours while out or if you get wet or sweat a bunch. You can even spray it on Rover before a hike. External use only.