Bum Candy

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Hemorrhoids are not only painful, they can lead to bigger problems and can appear at the worst of times. Our treatment deals with healing any fissures, reducing painful inflammation, and preventing and treating possible infection.

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The Bum Candy kit comes with a complete set of instructions, a topical salve, and 5 boluses.

Ingredients (locally sourced whenever possible): Cocoa Butter* infused with White Oak* or Witch Hazel*, Comfrey*, & Yarrow*, Vitamin E Oil* (*organic).

How to Use: 
We recommend using these overnight over 5 nights to shrink painful swelling and heal fissures. Put a towel down under you as you sleep to catch any leakage from the suppository, so that your bed linens are not stained.

The suppository will gradually melt over the night, releaing the herbs right where they need to be.