Facial Kit: Clear + Radiant

Facial Kit: Clear + Radiant

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Troublesome spots? Anguishing acne? Tired of the toxic offerings and synthetics offered by dermatologists and the drug store? Haven Herbs wants you to have glowing and radiant skin- from the inside out! This kit contains 5 products to be used together to clear up troubled skin.

Often, acne occurs because the liver is congested. The skin is an organ of elimination, and often the last ditch effort to purge items from the body. If we cleanse the liver, we can cleanse the skin!

This kit gives you both topical cleansers and treatments and an internal tincture (Skin Clear) to take to start a liver cleanse (which will initiate a skin cleanse). Take the tincture twice daily until the bottle is gone, all the while using the daily facial scrub (Daily Cleanse), the toner (Phabulous Phace), and treating areas with the spot treatment (Spot Be Gone). Once a week, use the facial mask (Acne) for a deep treatment.

Just a note: as the skin is the last place the body purges from, your skin may get a tad worse before it clears up. This is normal and in this case, we would recommend getting an extra Skin Clear when the time comes.

Please check individual product listings for complete ingredient lists. Normally, when purchased alone, these items total $50. They are yours as a set for $45!