Lyme Aid

Lyme Aid

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This formula has been years in the making! We have studied all the current herbal protocols for Lyme and blended our own! We have two blended formulas to take twice daily, plus Teasel Root which is taken sparingly, in microdoses, according to the directions.

This three tincture protocol is simpler than many of the capsule based herbal protocols for Lyme out there (and we prefer tinctures, because they preserve the potency of the plant in its prime!). 

For best results, this should be taken as soon as you suspect Lyme, not after years of Chronic Lyme issues.

Lyme Aid comes with two one ounce tinctures and one half ounce tincture as well as detailed instructions. Follow them carefully, especially with the Teasel tincture. In the case of Teasel, less is more.

Ingredients are locally sourced whenever possible.

Lyme Aid #1: Alcohol, Water, Japanese Knotweed*, Sweet Annie*, Usnea* (*organic)
Lyme Aid #2: Alcohol, Water, Cat's Claw*, Astragalus*, Eleuthro*, Cleavers*, Nettles* (*organic)
Lyme Aid #3: Alcohol, Water, Teasel Root* (*organic)

How to Use:
Lyme Aid protocol has three tinctures. Lyme Aid #1 and #2 are taken the same way, at the same time. We recommend putting both doses in a shot of water and down them both (you do this twice daily until the bottles are gone).

The Teasel tincture is potent and it is important that you follow the microdosing directions specifically. Day One- take one drop (not dropper, a DROP). Day Two, take two drops. The dosage increases by a drop each day until day nine- you stay at nine drops until the bottle is gone.