Mama Love Kit

Mama Love Kit

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It's starts early- people hear a person is pregnant, and the gifts come pouring in... for baby. What about our pregnant friend?! Help them care for their rapidly changing body as they help bring forth new life!

Included in the kit are 4 Haven products for pregnancy and postpartum: A Yoni Steam for postpartum healing, Mag (nificent) Lotion to help with mineral absorption and getting good sleep, Character (our scar serum), and Preggers Tisane (to help that uterus grow and do hard work as well as provide optimum nutrition for both people!)

Please indicate "Mama Love" or "Other" in the pull down menu if the pregnant person does not identify as female. Let us know what to put on the gift box instead in the comments window during check out- we'll make one especially for them using language you choose!

The 4 items in the set normally retail individually for $79, but the kit can be yours for $76!