Restore Tisane

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After the dumpster fire that was 2020 and all its added stress and anxiety, we could all use a cup of Restore. This herbal brew has nutritives (highly nutritious herbs that fortify and nourish- like ones high in minerals and antioxidants) and adaptogens (herbs that help us cope with stress, change, and quarantine!)

Boosting both body and mind, this formula is what we all need to move into a better future together!

(Real) Ingredients: Honeybush*, Red Clover*, Tulsi*, Eleuthro*, Ginseng* (*organic)

Haven tisanes come in airtight tins and are filled by volume. Weights range between 2 oz. and 5 oz. depending on the weight of the botanicals. Tinned tisanes come with brewing instructions and a reusable cloth infuser bag inside. Each tin makes approximately 30 individual cups of tea.

How to Use:
Tisanes should be steeped longer than tea (Camillia sinensis). Rather than steeping for 2-3 minutes, steep herbs for 15+ minutes, covered. General guidelines are 1 tablespoon per 8 oz. of water.