Yellow Butt

Yellow Butt

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This butt balms' cheerful yellow color comes from all natural ingredients and was a plesant side effect of using high quality ingredients, not artifical colors!

This balm prevents and treats diaper rash, thrush, heat rash, and other unpleasantries in the diaper area. Use it as a preventative barrier (especially when starting to introduce solid foods, when diaper rash is more likely) or as a treatment for sad butts.

Yellow Butt comes in a 2 oz. glass jar that is perfect for tucking into a diaper bag.

Ingredients (locally sourced whenerever possible): E.V.O.O.* infused with Propolis*, Calendula*, Comfrey*, Zinc Oxide, Beeswax* (*organic)

How to Use: Yellow Butt is a cream you can use to both prevent and treat diaper rash, thrush, and heat rash in the diaper area. It's all natural ingredients will not harm baby or cloth diapers.

Liberally apply as needed to affected area.